Type of project:
SXSW Event

Engineering, Fabrication, Logistics

Social Media, Consumer, Advertiser


The objective is to bring to life an architectural space that supports the intersection of the physical world and merge it with digital space. “Launch Alley” invites you in with its enduring dimensional brand “Yahoo!” across a twenty foot wide monolith wall that frames the alley-way. Inside the alley, dark sound absorbent walls, bright down lighting, floating edge-lit shelves and hallo lighted base tingles’ your perception of the physical space. Inside the “Alley” you can learn about the daily habits of tomorrow. The vibrant environment is identifiable and consistent. Its flexibility is own-able and engaging so that it can be purposed across a series of consumer, advertiser and B2B driven events that celebrate the Yahoo! brand positioning “making daily habits inspiring and entertaining”.

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