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Retail display

Strategy, Design, Interactive, Prototyping, Fabrication, Logistics

Consumer Electronics, Games, User experience, Touch Screen

Sony Playstation

Sony commissioned Hood to design a retail experience in 1,100 Best Buy stores for the launch of their new wireless hand-held console, the PS Vita. The challenge: how to elevate the Sony Playstation brand, create excitement for the PS Vita and engage consumers in a crowded big-box store environment? The Hood solution includes an end-cap display with interactive demo stations where gamers can put the PS Vita through its paces, along with interactive touch screens that support the pre-sale of new games and peripheral accessories. The plug-and-play design of the fixture allows Sony to quickly change-out their product offering, and the equipment-bay built into the end-cap along with in-line electrical raceways support future display upgrades with minimal retrofit.

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