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Shaping Young Minds


My days went from boring to nerve-racking at light speed multiple times in a day. Everything was new. So much of what I had learned in school to prepare me for this position suddenly seemed irrelevant. It usually took a few weeks to not only figure out all the personality types in the office, but also who to ask when the copier was broken and when it was ok to wear jeans. My education would provide glimmers of hope once in a while with familiar industry terms that would give me that tiny bit of encouragement that I wasn’t completely clueless. I remember feeling really comfortable that last week, before I left to go back to the wonderfully make-believe world of academics and thankful I could continue my training in preparation for this adult reality, a little longer. This week HoodBE is preparing for our own intern. The anticipation is bringing back some of the very same feelings of inadequacy I remember when I was on the other side of the coin; “Will she like us?”, “Will we be able to teach her anything useful?”, “Will she know how to fix a paper jam?”





















In the end, all we can do is hold our heads high, project the persona of mature, working professionals and rest assured that at least we now have some idea of what we are doing.





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