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Apple Stores Aren’t Perfect


(This post was sourced from RedOrbit, who reports everything Apple)

Apple stores are clean, brilliantly beautiful beacons of retail design. Steve Jobs made absolutely certain of this, choosing the stone for every store from one quarry in Italy and employing the use of glass at every turn.

As it turns out, however, not everyone is a fan of clean lines and transparent glass. Birds, for instance, have a longstanding disagreement with glass. As they swoop through the sky, held aloft by feather and hollow bones, they make those earth-bound creatures green with envy over their flight.

And then they run into a clear pane of glass.

I can only imagine Evelyn Paswall will tell a similar story when she takes Apple to court, suing them for one million dollars.

As Paswall tried to enter the Long Island Apple store, she didn’t realize the entire front facade of the store was glass and walked straight into the building, breaking her nose.

83 year old Paswall is seeking $75,000 in medical damages, plus a $25,000 slap on the wrist, just for having a building made of glass.

No self-respecting person wants to make fun of an injured elderly. There are a few things I wonder about, however….

Did she expect the entire front of the building to be wide open? As in, no doors, no walls, no protection from the elements or ne’er-do-wells?

Were there no promotional materials in the front of the store advertising the iPhone 4S, MacBook Air, or iPad? (Every store I’ve ever been to in Texas always has these sort of displays at the front of their stores…)

Was this her very first visit to the Apple store? And why was she flying solo, without friend or family to share the moment with?

In response to this matter, Apple has installed white “warning strips” on the front glass walls to make it obvious there are giant panes of glass at the front of the store.

We sincerely wish Ms. Paswell all the best, health, and happiness. The question now is, will she be buying a new iPad with her newly found fortune?

Source: redOrbit

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