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Retail Enviroments & Displays

We create evocative displays that bring your brand to life and lead to deeper engagement with your customers.
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We design and build trade show exhibits that make the face-to-face interactions you have with customers more rewarding.
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Themed Enviroments & Events

We bring brands to life in themed environments, live events, mobile exhibits and more.
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We build finely crafted fixtures that display, preserve and protect valuable historic artifacts and collections.
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Hood Branded Environments Wins The Coveted Fab 50 Exhibit Fabricator Award

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Branded Environments: Why digital brands need an off-line presence.

Mike Goefft

Technology has forever altered the way we market brands.  We’re living in an era of deep customer engagement.   Today’s more empowered, critical, demanding, and price-sensitive customers are turning in ever-growing numbers to social networks, blogs, online review forums, and other channels to quench their thirst for objective advice about products and to identify brands that seem to care about forming relationships with them.

Meanwhile, more and more consumers are using digital video recorders to fast-forward through TV commercials and are consuming video content on Web sites such as YouTube and on mobile devices. Billboards alongside train lines and bus routes struggle to capture the attention of people absorbed by the screens of their smartphones.

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